What Others Are Saying About Us

Robert Sityo … Founder & Director of Fountain of Hope Ministries, Bukeeka, Uganda

Paul and Pam, you are a special gift to us and the country of Uganda.  You are uniquely call by God to this country and your love for the likes of us have made a big impact in our lives and ministry.  Please know that the enemy does not to see people doing what you do, but the truth is that your submission and love for God and each other inspire us everyday.  Keep up the good work.

Chris Kulaba … Music Producer Apprentice, Kampala, Uganda

My name is Christ Kulaba, but I changed it to Chris Kul Dollar.  It’s like a prophecy.  I lost my parents at a tender age and began to sleep in the church basement for 10 years.  I was a minister in praise and worship, playing the keyboard for the church.  But life wasn’t easy because I did not know my identity.  One morning I walked into the Next Generation Ministries office crying.  I had lost hope.  I didn’t know what to do and where to go.  I told Mom Pam what I was going through. She talked to me like a mother would talk to her own son.  When she and Dad Paul talked to me I felt very much encouraged.  Right now I know who I am.  I am the son of the Living God and I discovered what I am able to do.  I am a music producer because of Papa Paul and Pam Hunter because they also discovered that what they have doesn’t belong to them, but the Father. I don’t take this for granted.  There are other next generation waiting for me to also help them discover what their identity is.  Thanks to all the people who are supporting me in my schooling.  May God open doors for you.

Jimmy & Helen Kiwanuka … Pastor of Jesus Life Church, Jinja, Uganda

We thank God for the long time relationship we have enjoyed with each other since we met.  We still remember that sermon you preached when you were invited to share at Jinja Christian Center.  It must have been a hard time for you to serve God alongside any African.  But thanks be to God that you left the past behind and you purposed to continue serving the Lord in Uganda.

We thank God for the time, labor, and commitment you put into teaching us in the Next Generation Leadership Institute.  The messages you taught us, especially the sonship verses and the orphan mindset, have been so inspirational and life changing.

Thank you for laboring to model to us fatherhood and parenting as whole together with your wife Pamela. Pam has been so inspirational in teaching Helen and other women about issues of women and to prepare certain dishes and types of food that they didn’t know how to prepare. Paul, you have as well helped us to start meetings and fellowships of men. We have sharpened and inspired each other in may ways.

On addition to that, we appreciate you so much that through you we have come to meet many other brethren from the U.S who have stood with us through prayers, words of encouragement and supporting us financially and materially. Though we are still financially growing, we have been able to pay for our house rent and bills.

We as well thank you for being part of Jesus’ Life Church. You have persistently brought new members to be part of our family church that we share Christ together. You have given us good discipleship materials and teachings through the school of Antioch to help us grow the church.

We can’t forget to thank you that, it was through Next Generation Ministries that you invited me to the U.S to learn, share, and experience through the diverse cultures of the U.S. You did this by driving us personally to almost the whole of America. It was a great opportunity and experience for me and the work of God here in Uganda.

Today, we are involved in other peoples lives because you and other people have been involved in our lives.  The list is endless. We believe that as long as we are still here on earth we will continue to be a blessing to one another.

We hope that we have been as well a blessing to the next generation ministries.

Edgar Baraire … Farm Owner, Kamwenge, & Manager of NGM Farm, Jinja, Uganda

In 2004 I became acquainted with Paul and Pam.  At that time I was living a very hopeless and homeless life.  There was no direction or purpose for my life.  I was really living a vulnerable life; a life without family, care, or love.  But, when Paul and Pam came into my life they invited me to live together with them.  They provided my life with care and meaning, literally helping me to discover who I am, why I am here, and where I am going.  Consequently things have changed dramatically in my life.  Not only have I matured, but I’ve become responsible and live my life with purpose.  I have become a hard working person, managing my own farm in Western Uganda as well as developing and managing the Next Generation Ministries Farm.  These people have nurtured me, loved me, motivated me, believed in me and supported me.  They have encouraged me to think big and live large.

Rebecca Nakanjako … Aspiring nurse or physician assistant, Jinja, Uganda

Next Generation Ministries is indeed a river of relationships connecting people to resources. Ever since I got to know about NGM my life and my whole being change.  What it has done and is still doing in me is indescribable.

With the help of the directors of NGM, who are my parents now, I have been nurtured from being a girl into the woman that God intended me to be

I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it was not for NGM because we live as a family … something that I had never experienced before.  I’m glad and will always be glad to be a part of Next Generation Ministries.

Elisha Ezra … Owner of GTS Consult, media consultation & technology company, Jinja, Uganda

 I am honored and thankful to God who brought Paul and Pamela Hunter into my heart and life.  I was lost.  I was living for myself.  I was fighting to survive each day. But, ever since God gave them to me, as parents, they spoke to my heart with love.  They told me that I am not alone.  I now have a family that loves me and helped me to discover myself.  I stand boldly to say I belong to God and I am equipped and encouraged and can speak to the live of another person to help them discover who they are.  Thank you, Dad and Mum.

Peter Bukenya … Driver for Next Generation Ministries, Jinja, Uganda

Next Generation Ministries has helped me discover who I am and who God meant me to be.  I was a taxi driver running back and forth to Kampala 3 times a day for six years.  I didn’t know Christ and I was not much of a husband or father.  I did not know God loved me so much and that He wanted me to do something big with my life.  NGM helped me discover I needed Christ and that God wanted me to be His son.  Now I know where I am going with my life.  I enjoy being a family man.  God has enabled me to buy land, build a house for my family, and become a leader in my clan and community.  If I did not have Christ in my life I have no idea where I would be today.  Many of my friends from the transportation business are either dead, in prison, or going nowhere with their lives.  I am very happy to be a member of NGM and I promise to work hard with them to help see our vision become a reality … changing Uganda one person at a time … just like God changed me.