About Us


Next Generation Ministries is not a business.  It is not a church.  It is not a project.  It is not an event.  It is not a system.

Next Generation Ministries is a movement of likeminded people.  People God has connected with each other to do together what they could never do apart.

We have repeated been told by the Uganda people that we are not like any other NGO, missionary, or organization who is working in Uganda.  We are simply people loving people.

On the following pages you will meet many people who make Next Generation Ministries who and what they are.

There is an African saying that goes “If you want to fast, go alone.  But, if you want to far, go together.”  Next Generation Ministries is an association of people who want to go far.  On the following pages you learn about

Who we are

Why we live

What we do

What we have done

Where we live

Paul and Pam Hunter’s ministry is dependent upon contributions of those who desire to share in their vision to encourage, equip, empower and release the next generation.