Radio2The conception of this project began in late 2013.  In an effort to increase awareness of the distinctiveness of this organization from typical missionary projects, it was decided that profiling the stories of individuals impacted through the relationships of NGM associates would accomplish that objective.  Given the context of a developed nation, the internet would be the ideal and conventional means to communicate.  However, Uganda is a developing nation. While internet is available, it is most likely limited to less than 2% of the population in homes.  Internet Cafes are there, but affording time online is confined to few people.

Radio!  Now there is a means of communication that is more conventional given the context of this nation.  On January 5, 2014, GENERATION 784, debuted on 89.9 VOB FM.  Hosted and moderated by Lillian Bulamu, the program was initially received so well that is surprised the station manager.

Once the foundation stones of the work of Next Generation Ministries were put into the ground, stories, antidotes, and testimonials filled the airwaves.

  • So many questions, but the answers are few.  Who are you?  Where are you going?  Why are you here?  Discover the answers on GENERATION 784!  Listen!
  • Doing what public policy has never been able to do: changing Uganda … one person at a time.  Listen!

NGM Farm

Banner6It began in 2007 with a simple idea in a sixth grade pubic school classroom in Molalla, Oregon, USA.

The previous year, 2006, the teacher Becky Bryan, read a story to her class about a boy named Ryan who raised $1,200 for a water well in Africa.  The students wondered together why they couldn’t also raise money for needy children in Africa.  Becky was a dear friend of Paul and Pam Hunter.  She told the classroom that she had friends who worked in Africa.  Would they like to have a visit from them to investigate what they could do in a significant way to bring some change?  In the last three weeks of school, that classroom collected $2,600 for a water well in Uganda!

The sixth grade class of 2007 wanted to also do something significant, but they didn’t want to copy the idea of the previous class.  They choose to raise money for three high quality dairy cows to be given to worthy recipients as a means of providing income and development opportunity for a few Ugandans.

Doing something significant in the world and living for something beyond self can be contagious.   Following  the pattern of Heifer International, NGM gave 10 cows away until, the birth of their own farm in 2013.  Paul and Pam Hunter purchased a small plot of ground as seed for this farm.  That land was fenced and prepared for dairy cows.  In December of 2013, due to the generous donations of some farmers in America, 10 high quality heifers were purchased and transported from Western Uganda to the NGM Farm.  Additionally, other donations were given for the purchase of adjacent land.

Under the passion and direction of farm manager, Edgar Baraire, the vision has grown.  Progressively, the farm will be developed as animals, staff, and buildings will be added.  If you would like to be a partner in this project, please write a check to NGM and mail it to 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 07017.


NGM Women’s Health Clinic

IMG_0247NGMedit copyGiving birth to a baby in a honored and privilege environment in the West is almost considered an entitlement. Hospitals go out of their way to designed, equip, and staff birthing centers which honor the mother, guard the birthing process, and reduce the health risks to both mother and infant.  A day long search for such facilities and staffs in the city of Jinja will be met with frustration which often turns to unbelief of even anger.

In January of 2007, a short term missionary hosted by Next Generation Ministries was able to witness the delivery of the baby of one of her Ugandan friends.  Through tears she shared that the doctor had spoken roughly to the laboring mother, smacked her on the thighs if she groaned, and ultimately and literally placed his hands on the top of her round belly and forced the baby out. Soon after this birth, both mother and baby came to the base house of Next Generation Ministries. The story was appalling and the vision for a birthing center operated by trained midwives with the latest techniques of assisting laboring mothers was birthed.

The Hunters had given up on the feasibility of such a dream until the fall of 2013.  After Paul witnessed the death of her baby, as well as her near death, and the subsequent ministry, Women In Crisis, directed by Lyzette, the dream resurrected.  He found himself talking about the critical role that WIC has in the lives of many suffering mothers in the maternity ward of the government hospital and attempting to motivate donors for a Women’s Health Clinic.

A small rural church was the first to believe in the dream and donated funds for the purchase of land.  Individuals and other churches also began to donate.  Land was purchased, plans are being drawn up, and construction should begin in 2014.

If you would like to partner with NGM in this project, please make check out to NGM and mail it to 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.