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Sibyangu! (see-bee-yan-goo)

I ran out of words twice yesterday.  Most people who know me, even a little bit, tend to know that I’m a “talker.”  I can usually hold my own in a verbal sparring match, even in this foreign environment.  Maybe I’m even more capable with that here than back in the States. But … yesterday […]

Viewer Discretion Advised

Olivia, Edward, Pharidah and Grace Some may question the advisability of this blog.  I have gone back and forth.  Should I write this and post it or not?  Should I include the gruesome photographs or not? I’m not sure of the right answer, but I’ve decided I must.  And, leave the opinions to any who […]

Making Women Matter

The appalling report made us all grimace, but even turned some of our stomachs.  She had left our home with one of our American friends because the contractions indicated labor had started.  It was her second pregnancy.  We thought little about the process.  In our naivete we assumed that delivering a baby here in Africa […]

Never. Ever. Alone.

A week ago hope was my companion as I rested my head against the back of my seat.  A cool evening breeze produced a refreshing sensation across my face and arms. A smile involuntarily graced my face as I heard a female voice synchronize with the CD playing the better known and older songs by […]

Avoidable But Too Common

The vehicle seemed content to rest from its arduous effort to navigate the horrendous road and village pathway.  Thirty minutes earlier it left the pavement for a rain rutted road which was often wide enough for only one vehicle.  It crossed a deep ditch on three wheels to leave the road and slowly snake its […]