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Old Men Plant Trees

Pam and I left Oregon to come to Uganda.  Oregon is a known for rain and timber.  The two go together. Those huge trees can’t become huge without all that rain. I have a good friend who owns 28 acres of land in Oregon. Over the past several years he has planted over 3,000 trees. […]

Diversity Works

Today we huddled together in a small room stuffed to the rafters with sophisticated and technical equipment.  There were two groups blending within and around the machines.  At first we weren’t aware that there was a difference.  The longer we stayed together the more aware we became of the distinction.Finally one of the young men […]

Awake At Midnight

Yesterday I read on the Internet that a Pizza Hut manager was fired for refusing to open his restaurant on Thanksgiving.  Seems as though consumerism has encroached on the few occasions that have traditionally been reserved for nothing but family celebration. It’s not the cost of airfares or our attempt to maintain two residences, in […]

Bring Christmas To Uganda

I’ve celebrated Christmas 66 times.  Most of them in America.  Often referred to as the land of plenty.  Some may argue that the land of excess may describe it better.Not long ago, Americans celebrated Halloween. A friend sent me a report that Americans spent $300 million on costumes alone … for their PETS!   Seems […]

Hard To Believe!

Apprehension … anxiety or fear that something bad will happen. Yeah.  I think that’s the word I’m looking for. My journey from home to the hospital began like most others.  This is Africa so delays beyond the expected departure time is normal.  So are unexpected changes.  And, things usually take longer than normal.  None of […]